British Centuries

Privacy Policy

Any e-mail or other such information provided to the gallery, including but not limited to the provision of the gallery email newsletter, is used solely by the Gallery and not released to any third parties. Any information retained is for the sole use of the gallery in providing clients and interested parties with information about the gallery and the events and work shown therein. We will never solicit third party contact information nor provide such to others except our email newsletter administrator under strict confidentiality requirements. All email addresses captured and maintained by the gallery are through client proactive subscription, clients who have purchased items from the gallery or those who request to be added to the newsletter group. All out of date information will be removed upon notification/assessment.

Records will be maintained relating to the purchase of works from the gallery, principally to maintain a record for provenance. No such information will be released to any third party with the exception of any legitimate request where we are compelled to so do by law enforcement agencies.

Client identification information may be required to be provided and retained in order to comply with AMLD5, as regulated by HMRC.