British Centuries

Bargeware teapot, circa 1900

A wonderful bargeware teapot, inscribed “Mrs H Cox / A present from Father”. Measham Ware pottery¬† and especially teapots, were popular in the mid 19th century to the early 20th century. Often referred to as bargeware, it was popular with people who worked and lived on the canals and inland waterways of the UK, and became synonymous with the barge people and hence the name bargeware.

Measham ware pottery is earthenware with a treacly-brown glaze. The items were decorated with applied clay that has been moulded into flowers and birds, and sometimes fruit and animals. The Measham ware teapots are typically pear shaped and the larger versions can have smaller teapots built into their lids. They had applied features in white clay, coloured dark pink, green and blue. Some pieces have applied panels featuring mottos, names and sometimes dates. Phrases on pieces include A Present from a Friend, A Present From and Love at Home.

Tip of the small modelled teapot spout (attached to the lid) broken and re-stuck

Details and Pricing

  • Media: Earthenware
  • Size: Height 29.5 cm
  • Price: ¬£230

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